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Infinity Field

A real arcade shooter on fire, this game is overflowing with so much mesmerizing eye candy that it’s easy to get lost in the gorgeous graphics and unbelievable particle effects. But don’t forget that under the pretty face there’s a shooter that’s as frenetic as they come. Fast, precise, and made by a teenage genius.

Game Features
  • Six survival modes including the main campaign, Zombie, Snake and Insane.
  • Use lasers, bombs and special weapons to destroy the incoming craft.
  • Intuitive and familiar dual stick controls give you a fighting chance against wave after wave of neon enemies.
  • Optimized for iPad 2. All-new effects really make Infinity Field pop.
  • Available for both iPhone and iPad.
Press Quotes
"This is one of the best dual-stick shooters for the iPad, and is definitely worth a look if you need a good action game on your iPad."
— 148Apps, 4.5/5 Stars
"Creative new modes and a great set of features make it a superior twin-stick shooter..."
— PocketGamer
"If you’ve been sinking hours and hours into dual-stick shooters like Minigore or Geometry Wars, this will be your jam, easily. Check it out."
— TouchArcade
"A wide range of endless modes, beautiful production values, and multiplayer make this the Geometry Wars clone to beat."
— Slide To Play, 4/4
"The controls are just right, the auto-pause feature is aces, and there is a wealth of play outside of the main campaign."