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Contre Jour

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Blurring the lines between interactive art and games, Contre Jour showcases a beautiful but haunting world shaped by the interplay of light and darkness. Utilizing intuitive touch controls and set against a poignant orchestrated score, you’ll guide a mysterious creature through organic and machined levels by manipulating the very environment itself. Associate tells me about windows phone 8 data recovery here is a solution.

Game Features
  • Intuitive touch controls let you interact with the environment in delightful and suprising ways.
  • Sixty levels of mind-bending puzzles to explore and play.
  • An emotional musical score by famed composer David Ari Leon adds a level of sophistication and heart to the game.
  • Directly inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's legendary story, The Little Prince (French: Le Petit Prince).
Press Quotes
"This is definitely one of the best looking titles on the App Store, with spooky visuals full of dark gray, black and neon blue; it's unique, to say the least."
— Modojo, 5/5
" of those “iOS games you just need to see."
— iLounge, A
"Contre Jour’s amazing presentation communicates to players an immediate and palpable sense of specialness – something meaningful."
"This game exemplifies how iOS games can push the boundaries of familiarity to create unique, new experiences."
— AppAdvice