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Max Steel
Action, Adventure
“Join the battle and Go Turbo!”
The Impossible Line
Arcade, Puzzle
Can you beat the chalkboard challenge?
Perfect Kick
Action, Sports
Become a star striker in Perfect Kick.
Abyss Attack
Action, Adventure
An endless underwater shooter that reaches new depths
Happy Dinos
Simulation, Strategy
What happened to all the magnificent dinosaurs that once roamed the earth?
Iron Force
Action, Arcade
Dominate or die trying. This is Iron Force. And this means war!
Kamikaze Pigs
Action, Arcade
This little piggy went to war!
Gloomy Hollow
Action, Adventure
Welcome to Gloomy Hollow, a haunted home for lost souls out in the outback of the Underworld.
Cling Thing
Puzzle, Strategy
Use your Cling Thing’s grip ability to swing around all 96 perplexing contraptions.
Bridgy Jones
Bridge building like never before.
Incredible Jack
Adventure, Arcade
Zombie Fish Tank
Adventure, Arcade
Underwater, no one can hear you scream!
Dead Ahead
Arcade, Racing
Action, Puzzle
Bombcats Away!
Action, Arcade