Chillingo is the premier publisher of games and apps focused on digital distribution. We work with independent development studios in over 30 different countries in the Americas, Europe, and APAC regions, and provide unmatched publishing strength to help your game/app gain the greatest exposure it can on a worldwide level. dublin veterinary hospital.

Some of our many hits include the worldwide sensation Angry Birds and the BAFTA-winning Cut the Rope, as well as fan favorites including Feed Me Oil, DrawRace 2, Anomaly Warzone Earth, and Contre Jour.

We’ve also partnered with major media companies to produce original titles such as the critical and commercial hits Predators and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

If you have an original and innovative game concept and are curious about how working with a top publisher can help increase your game’s chances for success, contact us and we’ll take it from there.

We’re interested in all types of games, from freemium to more traditional pay-per-download content, and any platform including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, OS X, and PC, so don’t be shy.

Developer Testimonials

“From our first meeting when we were still early in development, Chillingo immediately understood and liked what we were doing, which gave us a lot of confidence. They are by far one of the best publishers to deal with and we soon decided to go with them on this game. The good relationship was strengthened throughout the project with our producer, and we are happy to be working with the Chillingo team.”

Daniel Visser, Wicked Witch - Developer of Catapult King

“Chillingo is not just a publisher — they know how to make games.”

Maksym Hryniv, creator of Contre Jour

“Chillingo teleported me into the games industry.”

Alex Ilin, creator of Feed Me Oil

“Chillingo has been a fantastic partner in gaining exposure for our title Blobster. They are a great team of professionals who have helped not only in gaining market exposure, but in polishing and patiently improving the title itself. Not only that, they are a warm and friendly group of people that we have come to value as friends as well as business partners!”

Henrik Jönsson, Divine Robot

“Chillingo has been nothing but a pleasure to work with from day one. They helped us refine Ravensword to become one of the best games of 2009 on the App store - chosen by Apple themselves.”

Josh, Crescent Moon Games

“Chillingo put many thousands of dollars in my bank account, and didn’t require my soul as payment.”

Russ, Human Powered Games

“We have known Chillingo since the early years 2003-2004 beginning with games for the Pocket PC. The Chillingo team, and specifically Chris and Joe, have always been very professional, friendly and reactive. We are very happy to continue to do business with them for iPhone.”

Franck, Tetraedge

“Chillingo possesses the best qualities of a top publisher and marketer — strong technical and marketing team, deep industry knowledge and connections, and a keen understanding on how to push products onto the market successfully.”

Petrus, Gimka Entertainment

“Working with Chillingo has been a great experience — they started the PR machine for Touch KO on day one. Having a dedicated team to handle promotion, advertising, and working with Apple has allowed us to focus on what we do best — making our game the best that it can be!”

Metchley Bros, 6ixset Studios