Chillingo, a division of Electronic Arts, is a leading games publisher on iOS with numerous award-winning hits around the world including Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Contre Jour, and Anomaly Warzone Earth. The company also publishes games for Android, Windows Phone 7, Steam, and other digital platforms. buy real unique captcha votes.

From our own humble beginnings, we’ve always strived to understand the needs of independent developers, and support them in a way that they simply couldn’t do on their own, whether that be from lack of time or experience.

With a proven track record of international best sellers and scores of satisfied developers, we feel that we’re only getting better at helping developers do what they do best: make amazing games.

Truly Global Reach
Our distribution network spans across every continent, giving your games a chance to reach the widest audience possible.

Close Partner Relationships
We work hand in hand with every major platform provider, raising awareness for your titles at the most crucial and intimate level.

Crystal Social Network
Not only does our Crystal technology provide you with new ways to add exciting game features and monetize your titles, it also provides reach to tens of millions of existing users.

In-house Production Team
We aim to publish the best games possible, and our crack team of experienced producers can assist you in taking your game from great to incredible.

Extended Promotional Support
Developing a game is a lot of work, leaving you with little time or resources to effectively promote your titles. Our veteran promotional team can help your game get the attention it might otherwise never receive.

The Chillingo Family
We’ve certainly grown as a company over time, but one thing never changes: our human touch. We consider our developer friends part of our family, and ensure a level of trust and understanding that you won’t find elsewhere.

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